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How to get Victorian Curriculum prior scores for use in Accelerus (Catholic Schools only)


With the introduction of the Victorian Curriculum, schools will need to run an analysis in order to extract out prior scores for their reports. Prior scores are from the last time the student was assessed in a particular area. Please contact support if you have any difficulty with the analysis. These are different analyses from 2017 prior scores.


  • Ensure the Quick Setup has been finalised and built.

Part One: Import the Analysis

  1. Download the relevant analyses using the buttons below – only download the EAL analysis if you have students who are assessed on EAL Stages A, B or S.
  2. EAL Sem 1 EAL Sem 2 VC Sem 1 VC Sem 2

  3. Import the analysis via File > Import > Analysis
  4. Once the analysis has imported click on the Export step on the left hand side
  5. In Destination, change the file location to a location of your choice. Take note of this location as this is where the data will be exported to.
  6. Save and Close the tab

Part Two: Run the Analysis

  1. Click on Explore > Analysis
  2. Highlight the analysis you wish to run (do not open)
  3. Click on the run button at the bottom of the screen (Blue triangle - looks like a 'play' button))
  4. Type in the current year
  5. Click the run button on the right hand side of the screen.
  6. The analysis will run and a hyperlink will display on the screen.
  7. Take note of where this link is but do not open the file
  8. Click OK

Part Three: Import the Results and Calculate

  1. Go to File > Import > CSV Files > Students
  2. In the file location select the file created by the analysis
  3. Click Preprocess.
  4. As the analysis has been created to allow prior scores for all curriculum areas, you will receive a message about various header rows being invalid. This is normal as no school will assess every Language available.
  5. Click Import
  6. Once the Import is completed, click on Tools > Calculate all.